The Red Pyramid is one of the most priceless attractions in Egypt; as it was the first attempt to build a true Pyramid, and the second largest base of all the ancient Pyramids in the history of this glorious civilization. The pyramids were the tallest structures for thousands of centuries. The Pyramids of Giza were built over 5.000 years ago, the pyramids prove to the whole world how the ancient Egyptians were great, powerful, wise, and have all the features that could make them the best nation on the planet.

Have you ever asked yourself how could such a great civilization that had a lack of forklifts, trucks and bulldozers build such GLORY? Why could anyone spend most of his life achieving such a civilization? And what is inside the Pyramids? Are they had treasures, tombs, or monuments? We will explain all these thoughts in this article to be aware of the Egyptian civilization as our topic today will be one of the most important Pyramids of Egypt, “The Red Pyramid”.


Who Constructed the Red Pyramid?


King Sneferu Owner of the Red Pyramid – Egypt Tours Portal

The Red Pyramid is the tallest Pyramid in Dahshur, they have called it “Red” due to the reddish rusty color of its stone as they appear Red. The Red Pyramid was one of the three Pyramids that was built by “King Sneferu” after he had built the Bent Pyramid. Sneferu was born to a family in middle Egypt in Hermopolis and probably became a king by marrying a Queen from the royal family. King Senferu built the Pyramid of Meidum, it is the earliest Pyramid that was attributed to him, and it was constructed as a step Pyramid but they modified it later into a true Pyramid.

The second Pyramid that he built is the Pyramid in Dahshur, they had called it “The Bent Pyramid”, it was designed as a true Pyramid from the beginning. After twenty- four years, King Senefru was succeeded by his son King Khufu who was renowned for the Great Pyramid of Giza. King Senefru had eight sons, they were “Khufu, Ankhhaf, Kanefer, Nefermaat I, Netjeraperef, Rahotep, Ranefer, and Lynefer I”. He also had five daughters “Hetepheres A, Nefertkau I, Nerertnesu, Meritites, and Henusten”. Historians viewed the Region of “Senerfu” as a golden age, as there were numerous places that kept his name after his death due to his greatness when he ruled Egypt.


What Are the Structures of the Red Pyramid?

Entrance to the Red Pyramid – Egypt Tours Portal

The Red Pyramid was built in (2575-2551), and it has one of the largest bases among the whole Pyramids in Egypt as each side measures (722 feet), with sides sloping the Red Pyramid at 43 degrees 22’ to avoid the inclination like the Bent Pyramid. The Red Pyramid is (105m) high, and (220m) wide, and it has three chambers inside. There is a passage (3 feet in height, and 4 feet in width) that lead to a chamber (12 meters high) with (11 steps). It is the fourth-highest Pyramid in Egypt as its layers are 160 stones.

The only entrance to the Red Pyramid is from the north side as it leads to a (206-foot passage to the first chamber). The Red Pyramid remains one of the greatest Pyramids that may have a secret chamber that we did not discover yet. There is a burial chamber inside The Pyramid (23 feet long), and (50 feet height), but it is believed that there were robbers that took the treasures inside it, so. The burial was inside the Red Pyramid (Possibly).


What Are the Facts About the Red Pyramid?

Facts About the Red Pyramid – Egypt Tours Portal


There are facts about the Red Pyramid that we could not doubt, here are some facts that all Egyptologists agreed on its truth:

  • The Red Pyramid is located on the west bank of the Nile River, this place (Dahshur) contains some important and ancient Pyramids in Egypt.
  • The Red Pyramid is also called “The North Pyramid, and The Bat Pyramid”.
  • The Red Pyramid was built by King Senefru.
  • The Red Pyramid has more than 150 stone layers.
  • The Red Pyramid is the third-biggest in Egypt, as it stands for (105m in height).
  • The Pyramid is not always red, as it was completely built-in limestone.
  • The Red Pyramid was an attempt for building a true Pyramid, as they had tried to build Pyramids before, but these attempts had failed.
  • There is no exact information about how long they built the Red Pyramids, as some Egyptologists believe that they had taken 17 years to build it, while others believe that they built it between 10 years and 7 months.
  • The entrance of the Red Pyramids is from the north side.
  • There are three chambers inside the Red Pyramid.
  • The main room of the Red Pyramid contains two million tons of stones.
  • The Red Pyramid is bigger than the Pyramid of Menkaure.

These facts are absolute truths that no one could question them.


Can I Visit the Red Pyramids?

The Mortuary Temple of Sneferu at the Red Pyramid – Egypt Tours Portal

The Red Pyramid was closed for many years, but it is now open to the whole tourists, in addition, intrusive ventilation had been installed which pipes air to the people down in the interior chambers. It is safe to visit the Red Pyramid individually, with families, or even with large groups. You can visit the Red Pyramid every day from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm in the winter, and from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm during summertime. 

Tours at the Red Pyramid

Most travelers ask for an additional tour of the Red Pyramid besides their tour of the Pyramids in Giza for its importance as it is the third-biggest Pyramid in Egypt, and the first attempt to build a Pyramid:

1- Individually

You can arrange your tour of the Red Pyramid on your own, if you are in Egypt, design your own tour and hire a car that has GPS features and go directly via google maps, but make sure that you are going on time, as it is open from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm every day. We highly recommend going with a travel agency to avoid hassles, as they will provide you with a car, and also with an Egyptologist to help you to know more about the history of your Language.

2- In A Full Package

If you are not in Egypt and want to be part of this amazing experience, do not hesitate to book with a trusted travel agency to make your own tour. You can add it to the Pyramids day tour as it is not included because it is not in the same location as the three Pyramids, and as wise advice, we recommend visiting some other attractions such as Aswan, and Luxor city as it has two-thirds of the monuments of the world, and Hurghada city as this city has ones of the most beautiful beaches in the world.