How to Plan A Trip to Egypt

How to Plan A Trip to Egypt    How to plan a trip to Egypt is a question that needs to be answered in great detail. This article’s main purpose is to offer every traveler all the necessary information to have the most incredible vacation in Egypt. This article was written by a number of […]

Top Unsolved Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptian civilization can only be defined as a twilight zone where the mind and the soul are trapped in a work of sci-fi or an enchanting fairytale filled with immortal puzzles and heavenly wonders. Under the mythological sands of Egypt lies some of history’s most unsolved mysteries that keep challenging the concepts of reason & […]

King Amenhotep III Facts & Mummy

  Life & Family of Amenhotep III King Amenhotep III and His Queen Tiye Colossal Statue in the Egyptian Museum Amenhotep III (1386 – 1353 BC) is known to be the 9th king of the 18th dynasty and is known to be the son of Tuthmosis IV from his minor wife Mutemwiya, the husband of queen Tiye, […]

Deir El Medina “The Worker’s Village” History & Facts

The Deir El Medina or as it is most commonly known as “The Worker’s Village” is an immortal piece of art that reflects realism and offers a glimpse into the daily lives of the ancient Egyptian Workers. Every true seeker of history will get to witness the mindset of the Theban craftsmen and artisans who […]

Ramesseum Facts

Ozymandias, Ramses the Great wished to further immortalize his legacy by constructing a magical house of millions of years of User Maat-Ra that unity the whole city of Thebes with the spectrum of Amun. The Ramesseum temple acts as a time vault filled with memories showcasing the blessed moments and beliefs from the lives of great men and women […]

Baron Empain Palace in Heliopolis “Facts & Architecture”

The Baron Empain Palace is a wonder out of its place like a fish out of water showcasing a highly rare oriental Hindu design that has equal in all of Egypt. The Baron palace is a true gem that acts as one of the most attractive monuments in all of Cairo in the immortal city of the […]

Red Pyramid of Sneferu Facts

The Red Pyramid is one of the most priceless attractions in Egypt; as it was the first attempt to build a true Pyramid, and the second largest base of all the ancient Pyramids in the history of this glorious civilization. The pyramids were the tallest structures for thousands of centuries. The Pyramids of Giza were built over 5.000 years ago, […]

List of Famous 45 Ancient Egyptian Mummies with Photos

List of Famous 45 Ancient Egyptian Mummies with Photos The Ancient Egyptian Mummies can be seen as the ultimate example of medical advances, mythological religious beliefs, and dedication to harnessing the power of the beyond. Over thousands of years, the ancient Egyptians founded, mastered, and developed the process of mummification to preserve the body of the deceased […]